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The Organic Regulation Review: No Deal is Better Than a Bad Deal

No Deal is Better Than a Bad Deal

The organic regulation; what happens next and how does this affect the UK?

Yesterday’s meeting of the Council of Agriculture Ministers did not change the opinion of the organic sector on the current draft text for a new organic regulation.
The Commission is still insisting on reaching an agreement on the regulation, however many Member States have expressed their reservations – the UK has said that there are still many problems but believes that work should continue, but it will not express an opinion until it sees a final text.
There will be another text drafted by the Malta presidency which members will be asked to approve in the last week of June. This agreement will be  voted on at a Special Committee on Agriculture (in Brussels) and if the text is supported then Malta will arrange a Trilogue to negotiate an agreement with the Parliament before the end of the month. 
We will continue to represent the UK voice and that of all our organic licensees in the discussions and keep you updated on outcomes.