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The Soil Association joins forces with Weston College to find future talent

The Soil Association joins forces with Weston College to find future talent

Discover a world of training opportunities with Weston College and the Soil Association!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve just become one of Weston College’s new Future Talent Business Partners.

As a partner, we will be able to help young people master the ins and outs of our sector by directly contributing to a curriculum that delivers skills, industry insights and crucial training opportunities. We’re so excited to be involved.

How we’ll support future talent

Our training will take place within Weston College’s new Business Career Excellence Hub, launching September 2021.

As a Future Talent Business Partner, we will contribute to the development of young people - and ensure that they’re equipped with the skills and knowhow required to thrive in our industry - by:

  • Co-designing crucial training opportunities and resources
  • Creating an inspirational learning experience
  • Teaching vital skills…

… and much more!

With over 75 years as a charity, policy trailblazer and organic certifier under our belt, we’re thrilled to share what we know with learners who are passionate about finding out more about the business world and creating meaningful change in our sector.

It’s a brilliant time to learn new skills

Weston College believes in providing careers - not courses - and giving their students access to the best employers and business and training opportunities to maximise their potential. With every one of their subject areas having been signed up to the Career Excellence Charter, you can rest assured that your future is in safe hands, here.

What’s more, throughout each comprehensive Career Excellence Hub, you’ll find amazing tools and resources to help you get to grips with the industry of your choice: from industry-standard equipment to ‘real world’ training opportunities and enhancement options for those looking to take their education to the next level.

With the UK coming out of lockdown and poised for high job growth, it’s a great time to start exploring your next career move… and we hope you’ll take that journey with us. Find out more about Career Excellence Hubs and sign up today!