How Food and Farming Are Warming Up The Planet

Agriculture is one of the weakest links in the UK's efforts to tackle climate change. Without action, farming will also feel the heat with drought, flooding and extreme weather which will threaten food supplies

There Is Hope!

The good news is that there are proven solutions. We're working on the ground with thousands of organic and other innovative farmers to help make climate friendly farming the norm. You can get these solutions in front of policy makers as they write the new agricultural policy for the UK.

We Have A Window Of Opportunity To Tackle Agricultural Emissions

But we need to act now!
Will you help get farming back on track for the future?



'The Butterfly Thief'

Climate change campaigner Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner's poem ‘The Butterfly Thief’ explores the link between climate change, and the decline in animal species and their habitats.


How Climate Change Impacts on UK Wildlife

It isn’t only humans who are affected by climate change; the UK’s birds and other species of wildlife are also threatened by a warming world.

Act Now - Donate Today

We all know the consequences of climate change could be catastrophic, but there is hope. Your gift will make a real difference to reducing agricultural emissions: donate today for a better tomorrow.


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