Saving the Earth Starts from the Ground Up

52% of the world's soil is degraded

You can help save it today.

We are the Soil Association, and we need your help. Give £5 a month and together we can Save Our Earth from the Ground Up.

Our most precious resource is right beneath our feet

A mighty 95% of our food comes from the soil. 

Soil feeds us, our animals and our wildlife - put simply, we cannot live without it.

What's more, soil is a huge carbon store. UK soils hold an estimated 9.8 billion tonnes of carbon: equivalent to the global carbon emissions made by humans in one year! 

But we've been taking our soils for granted. Today, more than half of the world's soil is degraded and every day we lose the equivalent of another 30 football pitches. 

This is a crisis. We need your help today.

It starts with the soil: but we don't stop there

10 % of UK greenhouse gas emissions come from farming
64 different pesticide residues have been found on apples
35 UK bee species face extinction

Our work spans all these areas and more, because we cannot tackle them in isolation.

We have so much to do - and no time to lose.

How do we save our soil?

There isn't one simple solution - so we work in lots of ways, with lots of people, to make soil a priority.

Supporting farmers to take care of their soil - by planting more trees, and switching to farming methods that actively enhance soil health, like organic - ensures the protection of soils today.

Lobbying government to recognise the critical importance of soil, for our entire food system and our planet, can ensure this vital resource is protected for the future.

Our soils are degrading rapidly, at a rate of 30 football pitches every minute.

Saving them cannot wait - we must act now.

How else do we Save the Earth?

Our campaigns champion a future where animals, people, crops and nature can all thrive. Protecting our soil is central to this, but to truly transform our food and farming future there is much more to be done. 

Creating a pesticide-free future will help our soil, protect our wildlife from harmful chemicals, and reduce our own exposure to pesticide residues in our food.

Drastically cutting use of routine antibiotics on farms will reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance from vital human medicines, protecting the health of future generations.

Planting more trees on farms will store carbon, reducing our impact on the climate - as well as offering great benefits to farm animals and the soil.

Saving the Earth means tackling all these areas and more, and we cannot do it alone.

We need your help to make it happen

Our important work can only continue with the support of people like you.

Tomorrow is too late - please join us today. 

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