Our awareness of climate change and wildlife loss has never been greater

As our understanding of the problem grows, so does our knowledge of the solutions.

Food and farming contribute nearly a quarter of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. But if we can change the way we farm, eat and think about food we can radically transform the impact it has on our planet.

We work with farmers, citizens, government, schools, hospitals and retailers to tackle these changes from every angle. We are the only UK charity working in this way - but it's vital that we do.

Because to tackle a problem as big as climate change we need to work together.

It starts right beneath our feet


Soil is our best defence against climate change. 

UK soils alone hold almost 10 billion tonnes of carbon - the same amount created globally by humans in one year!

Soil also stores water, reducing the impact of flooding and drought.

The healthier the soil, and the stronger its structure, the better it is at storing carbon and water. But the impact of intensive farming means more than half of the world's soils are damaged. We need to restore them, enhance them, and protect them for the future. 

We work with farmers to help them look after their soil - reducing their use of artificial fertilisers, and using farming methods that maintain soil fertility and structure. 

And we campaign to get soils recognised in farming legislation, so that farmers can get rewarded for looking after this precious resource.

You support today will make more of this work possible. 

How can we capture more carbon?


As trees grow, they capture carbon from the atmosphere. This carbon is then stored both in the tree and in the earth.

We want to encourage and support farmers to plant thousands more trees on farms - this is called agroforestry, and capturing carbon is just one of its benefits!

Trees provide shade and shelter for animals. They provide food - and a place to live - for an array of wildlife, from insects and birds to mammals and rodents. Their roots help to create a strong soil structure, as well as playing an important role in reducing the impact of floods by capturing and storing water. And they can even boost farm profitability from extra products like nuts, fruits and timber.

With a regular donation from you, we can continue planting trees on farms across the UK.

What can we do about wildlife loss?

Right now, 35 UK bee species are facing extinction. And they are not alone - much of our wildlife is declining at an alarming rate, and the way we farm is one of the reasons why. But there are changes we can make to help bring wildlife back from the brink.

Growing more trees, shrubs and hedgerows, along with planting areas of wildflowers on farmland, provides habitats and food for insects and other wildlife.

Crucially, we need to reduce our use of pesticides. Pesticides have been linked to declines in some of our most treasured and beneficial species - like bees, butterflies and birds. But when we reduce our reliance on pesticides we can help wildlife flourish - in fact, organic farms have on average 50% more wildlife!

By joining us, you champion farming that works with nature. 

We need your help to make it happen

Together we can tackle climate change, and reverse the loss of nature, by making vital changes to our food and farming.

Tomorrow is too late - please join us today. 

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