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We all love food – but if, like us, you care about where your food comes from and want to know that it’s been produced responsibly, you’ve come to the right place!

The Soil Association is a UK charity working to transform how food is grown and produced, and make sure everyone has healthy, sustainable food to eat.

Do like Hugh!

"If you care about where your food comes from

If you want to know that it’s been made responsibly

If it’s meat, that the animals have lived well and been fed appropriately

If it’s vegetables, that they have been cultivated without the use of damaging chemicals and pesticides.

If these things matter to you

Then why not get personally involved? Why not join the Soil Association?"

If these issues matter to you - Join our community

We campaign on issues such as overuse of antibiotics in farm animals which leads to resistance in humans, use of pesticides on crops that destroys our bees, getting healthy food into schools and hospitals where people need it the most, and making sure all farm animals have a good life.

But we don’t do this alone. Our members are a community of thousands of people, just like you, who care passionately about the food they eat and the impact it has on the natural world.

And we are looking for more members – more like-minded individuals who want to get personally involved with the things that matter.

"I am passionate about protecting our environment and I believe that the Soil Association is an intrinsic part of efforts to do so."

Dee Burn, Soil Association member

What does being a member mean?

As a member of the Soil Association you are the lifeblood support of our vital work.

For just £3.50 a month you enable real change in the world. You make our voice stronger when we call on Government to put climate friendly farming on the post-Brexit agenda, and your support helps farming pioneers devise solutions that really work.

So if you care about where your food comes from and want to know that it’s been produced responsibly, why not join us today and make a personal impact on the things that matter to you.

Join Today

We believe that good food starts from the ground up.

Join the Soil Association today and get personally involved with the food you eat and the land it comes from.

Want to know more about our work?

The Soil Association is the only UK charity which works across the whole spectrum of food issues. Our organic values mean we care about nature, soil, water, forests, human health and animal welfare which gives us a unique and unifying voice. We work to find, test and promote the solutions that the world needs now.

If you want to know more about the work we do, and what your support would enable, read on.

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