Saving the Earth Starts From the Ground Up

We are the only UK charity dedicated to building a greener, healthier food and farming future. One where farm animals, crops, wildlife and people all thrive. 

But we can’t do it alone. 

Will you give a regular donation to create a better food and farming future?

You Can Help Us Create a Better Food and Farming Future

71 % of British butterflies are facing extinction right now. With your help we can reverse that
98 % the amount by which pesticide use could drop if all UK farming was organic. With your help we can reach a pesticide-free future.
33 % of the world's arable soils are degraded. With your help we can make our soils healthy again


Our soil is the heart and soul of our planet. But right now our soil is degrading at an alarming rate.

Without healthy soil our wildlife, farm animals, health and climate will all be in danger.

With your help we will save this vital resource while there’s still time.


Do you remember a time when the meadows truly buzzed with life, and the dawn chorus sounded louder?

We are creating a farming system that works in harmony with nature and have already achieved a ban on the three worst bee-harming pesticides.

With your help we will make wildlife thrive again.

Animal Welfare

Do you believe that all farm animals deserve a good life?

Where they graze and roam outdoors and are only given antibiotics when they truly need them?

With your help we can change the lives of countless farm animals, and champion the highest animal welfare standards – as standard.


Did you know that 23 different pesticides can be used when growing a strawberry?

The chemicals used to grow our food find their way onto our plates – and into our bodies.

With your help we can transform the way our food is produced, for the protection of our health.


Did you know that food and farming accounts for as much as a third of global greenhouse gas emissions?

We can reduce this figure. We've planted thousands of trees on farms, but must improve soil health and reduce fertiliser use.

With your help we will tackle climate change from the ground up.

Saving the Earth Starts With You

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