We urgently need to plant hedgerows at Woodoaks Farm

We have a chance to transform this farm to support nature and a safe climate.

Will you act now and donate £20 to buy a metre of hedge on Woodoaks farm?

Planting 2,000 metres of hedges on Woodoaks farm

With your support we can lock up carbon, improve soil, provide homes for wildlife and produce more food per hectare by planting thousands of hedges here at Woodoaks. And as your hedge grows, it will continue to be a valuable part of the farm for hundreds of years to come.

What makes hedgerows so important?

Better for wildlife

130 of the priority species listed in the government’s Biodiversity Action Plan live and thrive in hedgerows including the harvest mouse, and many species of bats and roosting birds. And the flowers and berries that fill these vibrant habitats also attract pollinators and birds.

Better for soils

As we expect climate change to bring more extreme weather events, hedgerows will act as a barrier at the margins of our fields to prevent soil being lost by flash floods. The deep root structures of hedges also help to keep soil firmly in place, reducing the risk of it being blown away during dry months and helping to mitigate flooding in wet ones.

Better for climate

Re-establishing our lost hedgerows can make a significant contribution to the UK's target of producing net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The diverse range of plant life that live in hedges helps combat climate change by storing carbon, and research shows that healthy soils store 3 times as much carbon as the atmosphere. 

Hedges are essential wildlife corridors and we must protect and replant hedges to look after nature

Please donate today to make sure our fields, hedges and countryside are havens for nature