Finding organic in the supermarket

You don’t have to go out of your way to find organic food on the shelves. Nowadays, it's available in hundreds of stores across the country.

Lots of supermarkets have their own organic ranges, as well as stocking some household organic names, like Yeo Valley and Green & Black's.

Whether it’s at your local superstore or an express shop on the fly, here are our top tips for finding organic food & drink in the supermarket. 

Look for the logo

Looking for the Soil Association logo is the easiest way to spot an organic product.

Organic products must be certified by law, meeting strict standards covering everything from animal welfare to pesticide use, to ensure that the products you're buying are food you can trust.

Soil Association Certification certify more than 70 percent of all the organic products available to buy in the UK, so looking for our logo is one of the easiest ways to spot organic on the shelf.

Look for own-brand products

If you're looking for products on a budget, most supermarkets have their own organic ranges which are often the same price as branded non-organic items.

Sainsbury's - SO Organic


M&S Organic

Tesco Organic

Waitrose - Duchy


Organic basics

You might be surprised to know just how many basics are available to switch to organic in the supermarket.

Organic versions of dairy products including milk, yoghurt butter, eggs and cheese are almost always available, even in smaller supermarkets, look for brands like as Arla & Yeo Valley.

Likewise, staple veg including onions, carrots and mushrooms are usually available to buy organic, and chocolate (e.g Green & Blacks), rice cakes (Kallo), biscuits and organic spreads including own-brand hummus and peanut butter (such as Whole Earth) can often be found too.

Shop online

Most retailers offer delivery and online shopping, so you can have organic delivered right to your door.

As winner of Best Online Retailer at our 2019 BOOM Awards, Ocado tops the list for organic, with 3,000 organic products available to buy, supplied by a whole host of organic farms, brands and businesses. 

Why organic?

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