Eat With The Seasons

Eating seasonal, organic food from nature-friendly farms, or that you've grown at home, is a brilliant way to start making a world of difference. Organic farms are better for wildlife, soils and for the planet too. Sign up for regular emails to receive more practical tips for sustainable living, as well as news and opportunities to get involved in our campaigning and fundraising work.

What's In Season Right Now?

Despite the arrival of warmer weather, springtime is a very lean period for British fruit and veg. Known as the 'hungry gap', it is the time in between the end of winter crops and the harvest of new season's veg. 

However, some seasonal fruit and veg are still available - keep an eye out for:

Purple-sprouting broccoli: reaching the end of it's season, but is available throughout April

Spring greens: did you know these are actually a cabbage?

Rhubarb: following the winter season of 'forced' rhubarb, field-grown rhubarb is harvested from April onwards

Asparagus: the asparagus season in the UK is short - make the most of it between late April and late June

New potatoes: such as Jersey Royals

Cauliflowers: the winter variety are available until May

Radishes: these fast growing roots are usually available in April, they're part of the mustard family

Wild garlic: if you're looking for foraging opportunities, head to your local woodlands to hunt for pungent wild garlic leaves!

What To Sow At Home

Spring is a busy time for farmers and home-growers, as warmer weather and longer days makes it perfect for planting! Here's a few recommendations for planting and propagating from late-March to May:

Beetroot: start sowing your summer crop of beetroot outside from March onwards

Spinach: sow from early spring to the middle of June

Kale: sow in April or May

Onion & shallots: get planting outside as soon as the last frost has passed

Radish: sow outside 

Carrots: plant outside in loose, sandy soil in early spring to harvest in the autumn

Courgette & squash: autumn veg you can begin to sow indoors

Leeks: sow outside for harvesting from September onwards

Roast Beetroot Greens with Labneh & Cumin

Make sure to use seasonal spring greens in this recipe from renowned eco-chef Tom hunt to complement the sweet beetroot and strained labneh yoghurt

Asparagus, Potato & Spelt Pizza

Make the most of asparagus' short-lived season with this delicious pizza recipe from Riverford

Rhubarb Compote with Granola

Following the winter season of forced rhubarb, grown in sheds, field-grown rhubarb emerges from April onwards. Try this delicious recipe from Tom Hunt for your breakfast 

Eating seasonal, organic produce can play an important role in protecting and restoring our soils

Did you know that 10 billion tonnes of carbon is stored in UK soils?

Take part in our Best In Show competition

Grown something great recently? Herbs on the windowsill, flowers in the garden, pumpkins on the allotment. Whatever you're proud of, share it with us for your chance to be crowned in our seasonal "Best in Show" competition! Send us your photos on Facebook or Instagram to enter.

Sign Up For A Local, Organic Veg Box

A great way ensure you are eating seasonally is to subscribe to a fruit, veg or meat box. You'll be joining a community of amazing citizens, farmers and organisations who are making sure the way we farm and eat is better for our health, better for nature and wildlife, and better for the climate too.

Why Organic?

What we choose to put on our plates has the power to make a world of difference. Find out how choosing organic can offer solutions to many of the crises around our climate, nature, and our health.

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