Soil Association Impact Report 22/23

This year, we made an amazing impact across our food, farming and forestry work.

Read on for key statistics from this year, highlights from the chapters of the report, or access the full report to learn about what we achieved, with your support.

Thank you for your support.

"We are more grateful than ever that people continue to share our vision and trust us to deliver results. Your support allows us to continue bringing people together to find solutions that the world needs now.

To our members, supporters, partners and donors, we say a heartfelt thank you – for your dedication to our cause and everything you continue to do to make our work possible."

- Helen Browning in this year's foreword

Quick stats for 2022/23

10447 people generously supporting our charitable work with a regular donation
20 million reached by our social media
145000 attending Food for Life Get Togethers
116 future food leaders trained by My Food Community
86 Sustainable Food Places across the UK
10000 members of the Innovative Farmers community
30000 + signatures on our Stop Poison Poultry campaign
50000 products certified by Soil Association Certification
5225 schools and nurseries serving FFLSH meals across the UK

We work for every farmer

We are aiming for a world where every farmer has the opportunity to benefit from agroecological methods. Where they are supported to bring trees and nature back into our farmed countryside. 


In this year's report, hear from some of our Innovative Farmers; read about how we're enabling the transition to nature-friendly farming in Scotland; and our international work through Agroecology-TRANSECT.


Image Credit: Abbey Home Farm/Rewild the Frame

We work for every forest

We want to see forests, new and old, being managed regeneratively to increase their benefits for the climate, for nature, and for people. 


In this year's report, we highlight how we're enabling research into Silvopasture through Innovative Farmers. You can also hear from one of our Excellence for Forests attendees and read more about the programme and it's impact across the world.


Image credit: Little Foxes Forest School/Rewild the Frame

We work for every child

We believe that every child should be entitled to at least one healthy and sustainable meal every day - and that this will help set the habits of a lifetime. 


In this year's report, Donald, a FFLSH Catering Manager discusses his motivations for working with Food for Life. Meanwhile, we hear about the impact of Cook and Share month from Darren, a Community Developer for the network.


Image credit: Abbey Home Farm/Rewild the Frame

We work for good food in every community

Part of our vision for the future involves local food system leaders being well supported nationally to scale up the impact of their work.


In this year's report, we celebrate some of our My Food Community graduates, and give details on them, their work and their motivations.


Image credit: The Community Farm/Rewild the Frame