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That old organic chestnut.....

Lynda Brown: I've just caught up with the feature on the latest gloom and doom of the organic industry on last week's Countryfile. To be fair to Countryfile, given it's telly - for which read dumb down big time - they covered the ground well, and did a reasonable job; the chap from the Co-op, for example, acknowledging the huge contribution the organic movement has made not only in bringing food production issues and the environmental impact of growing food firmly to the table, but in raising awareness and effectively paving the way for ethical consumerism. Not that that stopped me fuming at how organics is dealt a raw deal by the media: it's a long time since I've seen or read anything which is other than biased against organics. ......

13 February 2012 | 3 Comments | Recommended by 2

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