Meet Louise Dartford

Meet Louise Dartford

A professional make-up artist with a huge passion for green beauty.


Louise Dartford

Can you tell our readers a bit about how you got started in the makeup industry?

I always wanted to be a make-up artist for as long as I can remember at school I did my careers project on it. I originally trained at the London College of Fashion and did a degree in Costume and Make-up for the Performing Arts, specialising in Technical Effects. After working in film for a little bit, I realised making people look pretty was much better suited to me and started to work more in fashion and music. I assisted other artists and then gradually started to get booked on my own jobs.

Why Organic?

Organic has become a major part of mine and my family’s lifestyle. I believe that organic products are one of our best options in today’s modern world. It makes sense to think about what you put on your body, just as much as about what goes in it.

I don’t want to use products that have an ingredient list as long as my arm with unpronounceable words, I wouldn’t eat it so why would I put it on my skin? I want products that are full of natural goodness rather than a concoction of synthesised chemicals that may be suspect and detrimental to my health.

With such a strong belief in this, it was a natural progression for it to flow into my professional life. I started ‘greening’ my kit maybe seven or eight years ago – the choice back then was very small so I only had a tiny bag of natural products. Since then the organic market has exploded so it is becoming a lot easier now.

What does the Soil Association mean to you?

The Soil Association plays a key role in helping decide what products make it into my home and my make-up kit. I know that I can trust any product that bears the SA logo. I know it will have been produced with strict guidelines from beginning to end. I am a member of The Soil Association and learn a great deal from their continuing environmental campaigns.

So, what's next for you?

I will continue to green my kit, it’s always exciting discovering new organic brands. I’d like to grow my blog and develop it as an educational yet inspiring platform to showcase green beauty. 

One last question, your beauty must-have right now?

Ooh difficult to pinpoint one but at the moment the Ultra Radiance Cream by Therapi Honey Skincare is getting a lot of use.

I’ve been using it as a night cream quite a few times a week and my skin loves it - it always looks much better the mornings after I’ve used it. It is a mix of organic propolis and honey along with things like shea butter and rosehip oil, a real treat for skin!

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