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5 quick ways to cut your carbon footprint in 2016

5 ways to cut your carbon footprint

In Paris back in December, world leaders from across the planet made commitments to prevent future climate change. Why not challenge yourself in 2016 to make your own commitment?

It might feel like one small change won’t make a big difference, but don’t feel like the planet’s fate is in someone else’s hands: there are lots of steps you can take to cut your CO2 emissions and contribute to a greener future.

Here are five quick ideas from Soil's energy partner and 100% renewable electricity supplier, Good Energy.

1. Set yourself a seasonal challenge

This calendar from Eat Seasonably shows what’s growing in Great Britain right now: leek and potato soup, anyone? Getting seasonal groceries will cut down on the CO2 caused by food’s transport as well as unsustainable farming practices – and will introduce you to new recipes and flavours.

2. Be an energy saving guru

From switching to LED light bulbs and investing in more energy efficient appliances, to ensuring your home is adequately insulated, there are loads of small steps you can take to make your home way more energy efficient. Organisations like the Energy Saving Trust and Bristol Green Doors have lots of simple techniques that can help to reduce wastage, cut down your energy use and save you money.

3. Make your commute carbon-clever

If it’s less than a mile, walk. If it’s less than five miles, cycle. If you have to drive, carpool. If you can’t carpool, research low-carbon vehicles and make sure your car is regularly serviced. Switching up a gear earlier, sticking to the speed limit and avoiding traffic can also cut unnecessary CO2!

4. Research ways to invest in a greener future

Be mindful of your inevitable impact: whether it’s a long commute or you need to travel abroad, you can use acarbon emissions calculator to work out how much CO2 it’s releasing into the atmosphere – and an estimation of how much money it would be appropriate to invest into greener, cleaner projects.

5. Switch to an energy supplier with 100% renewable electricity

Good Energy’s electricity comes from renewable sources all over the UK, and by switching your electricity supply you can cut your carbon footprint by around 24%. Not only will you be cutting CO2 from burning and transporting fossil fuels: you’ll be supporting the future of low carbon generation in Britain.

Plus, for everyone that switches to Good Energy quoting ‘Soil Association’, we'll give the Soil Association £50, adding even more support for a healthier, fairer future for food and farming.

Kate Turner, Good Energy

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