One Small Swap: YES Organics

One Small Swap: YES Organics

Making one small swap to your routine can make a world of difference. YES, organic intimate health experts, give their top tips on switching to multi-use products which are good for you and the environment.

When it comes to skin care, people tend to be very good at paying attention to their face. It’s a no-brainer to seek out a moisturiser if the skin is dry, or invest in a blemish treatment when acne appears. But when it comes to more intimate areas, chances are most of us won’t give using products much thought, let alone the ingredients within them.

YES Organics lubricants

‘60% of what goes on the skin can then get into the blood stream’

When a product is applied to the body externally, most of the ingredients are absorbed by the skin. In fact, statistics suggest that approximately 60% of what goes on the skin can then get into the blood stream. The mucosal membranes (including the vagina and penis) are particularly delicate and so it’s even more important to consider what products and ingredients you apply to your intimate areas. That’s why we recommend that you choose a product that is as pure as possible, such as YES – free from synthetics additives, hormones, concerning chemicals and parabens. If you make one small swap this Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week, make it an organic lubricant.

‘Packed with certified organic, plant-based ingredients which all have their own natural healing properties’

Avoiding the use of chemical substances means that YES products are packed with certified organic, plant-based ingredients which all have their own ‘natural healing’ properties. As a result, the YES team have discovered several alternative uses for the organic intimacy range:

YES Organic oil-based lubricant

Massage Oil

YES OB is filled with natural plant oils, including cocoa butter and shea butter. Due to the high viscosity and nourishing properties of these ingredients (plus the addition of Vitamin E), as well as a long-lasting lubricant, YES OB works perfectly as a massage oil. 

YES Organic water-based lubricant

After-Sun Lotion

Aloe vera is renowned for its incredible ability to soothe and repair dry skin. It’s also the primary ingredient within YES WB water-based lubricant, which means that the hydrating lubricant can also be utilised as an after-sun ointment. (Top tip: Pop a tube of WB in the fridge for extra cooling relief).

YES Organic femme wash

Body Wash

YES CLEANSE Intimate Foaming Wash is designed to refresh the external intimate area without causing irritation. The combination of high-quality organic ingredients and gentle foaming action, means that YES CLEANSE makes an excellent face, body and hair wash.

These alternative uses for YES products demonstrate just how incredible organic plant-based ingredients can be. Why settle for a product that contains potentially concerning chemicals, parabens or known skin irritants, when you can choose a product that’s good for your skin, your health and the environment!

By swapping to just one certified organic product you’re casting a vote with your wallet, opting into a fully traceable manufacturing system with no hidden costs, one that prioritises a healthy ecosystem for generations to come, prohibits the practise of animal testing and restricts the use of chemicals. Want to understand more about organic beauty and wellbeing? Find out more here to become an organic expert. Want to participate in the organic beauty and wellbeing movement? Find out how to get involved here.