A Chocoholics guide to organic Easter eggs

6 organic Easter eggs to hunt down

From the slightly egg-stravagent to the truly egg-ceptional, here's our selection of the most chocolately organic Easter eggs going.

Our collective actions all add up to make a world of difference. Switching to organic chocolate over the Easter period can really contribute to changing our food and farming systems for the better.

Demand for more organic food means more organic farms, meaning fewer pesticides, more wildlife and more animals raised to the highest welfare standards.

Green & Black's Organic Easter Egg Collection

Green & Black's collection includes two of their classic favourites - thick-shelled, rich and creamy, their milk chocolate eggs come with a butterscotch and a sea salt bar included. 

green and blacks easter egg collection 

PlayInChoc Rabbit Collection

From the English Angora, to the Belgian Lion Head, PlayinChoc's beautiful rabbit collection features build-your-own versions of some of the world's rarest and most beautiful rabbits. They come complete with educational factsheets alongside a deliciously creamy bar of dairy-free organic chocolate. 

playinchoc rabbit

Seed & Bean Sweet Orange & Thyme Dark Chocolate Bar

Ok, so this one isn't an Easter egg, but for something a little more tangy - this citrussy 58% cocoa bar from organic chocolate experts, Seed & Bean never fails to disappoint.

seed and bean's orange and thyme bar

Cocoa Loco Thumpingly Chocolatey Solid Marbled Rabbit

Cocoa Loco's iconic marbled Easter bunny makes an extra-cute addition to the Easter collection. More importantly, it's made of extra-creamy solid, hand-poured organic milk chocolate!

Palm oil-free and handmade, all of Cocoa Loco's chocolate comes from a community of small-scale organic growers in the Dominican Republic.

Cocoa Loco Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny

Cocoa Loco's Giant Marbled Easter Egg

We've been spoilt for choice by Cocoa Loco this Easter. They've got a huge selection of organic Easter chocolates, and we couldn't resist recommending this enormous marbled egg too, for sharing amongst the family.

Completely palm oil-free, fairtrade, and 100% organic, each marbled bunny is hand-poured meaning that no two bunnies are the same!

cocoa loco's marbled easter egg



Plamil's Dairy-Free Easter Egg with Sharing Bag

If you’re looking for an organic and dairy-free alternative egg this Easter, this milk chocolate offering from Plamil is a great option.

It contains no dairy or lactose and is gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

plamils chocolate easter egg with mini chocolates

Hopefully, this selection of organic easter eggs will put a spring in your step! 

Your local independent retailer is a great place to find organic sweet treats over the Easter period, as well as fresh veggies, tinned and dried goods, and even organic cleaning products. Find your closest independent retailer here.