Retail Movement Scheme (ReMoS) launches

Retail Movement Scheme (ReMoS) launches

Defra have now announced the launch of the Retail Movement Scheme (ReMoS) scheme - a new way to move pre-packed retail goods from Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) into Northern Ireland.

Starting on 1st October 2023, ReMoS will replace the existing STAMNI arrangements, with businesses able to register from 1st September. Although, businesses will be able to register their interest through a pre-registration process, (details not yet published). Defra also state that all existing members of the STAMNI scheme will be contacted directly regarding moving to the new scheme. 

Where relevant, goods will still need to meet EU standards, but to help avoid additional certification/assurance costs and to facilitate movement, goods may benefit from new green lane arrangements. Organic product that qualifies for the ‘green lane' will not require a Certificate of Inspection (COI).  

We understand that certain products (e.g some produce and livestock origin products) originating from non-EU Third Countries may not qualify for green lane movement due to a lack of UK-EU  alignment on sanitary & phytosanitary (SPS) or produce of animal origin (POAO) requirements.  

Those products that can move through the green lane will also require new labelling starting Not for EU. Current guidance suggests that for some products (e.g. meat incl. frozen, ambient Dairy & frozen dairy) this will need to be applied to individual retail packs and for others, to the box or crate only, with requirements to be phased between October this year and 2025. Where product cannot be labelled ‘Not for EU’ shelf labelling and further in-store customer information may be required 

Movements which do not qualify under the scheme will move through the red lane. The government will continue to provide support through the Digital Assistance Scheme, and should goods remain in Northern Ireland, the Movement Assistance Scheme. 

We are aware that UK rules on organic will be covered, but are yet to fully understand some aspects of product eligibility, some of the processes related to registration, NI prenotification, trader declarations, supporting data (manifest details), the new Single General Certificates and how Competent Authority oversight will function. We are seeking more detail from Defra on both these areas and the full implications for EU organic Certificates of Inspection (COI) arrangements. 

The ReMoS webpage indicates that further guidance will be published this month (July) and that webinars will be run over the summer. We will be updating our Trade News and Certification Updates pages accordingly.