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New Product Approval Documents

New Product Approval Documents for food and drink, and on farm processing

In order to streamline the product approval procedure for licensees, we have introduced a consolidated form for Multi Ingredient Specifications and Single Ingredient Specifications (MIPS/SIPS).

Before, there were different MIPS/SIPS forms for SA and GB standards. Now, just complete a MIPS/SIPS and specify the licence type within the form. 

We have made updates to our Labelling Guidelines to provide you with visual examples and guidelines for your retail labels.  We will no longer be checking the ingredient order on labels, as this does not fall within the organic regulations.  However, please make sure ingredients are listed in descending order of weight to meet other labelling regulations.

There is a new Suppliers Approval Guide which outlines how to verify your own suppliers.  Supplier certificates for products and ingredients will continue to be checked at inspection, but ultimately it is your responsibility to verify your suppliers are compliant with the relevant standards/regulation.

We have updated our Soil Association Non-GM Declaration, to make it clearer what evidence we require for GM risk ingredients to meet the Soil Association higher standards for non-GM.

Please familiarise yourself with the new documents here:



If you have any questions about the product approval process, then please see our new Frequently Asked Questions document, email us at or call us on 0117 914 2411.