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Highlights from the Produce Packers Forum

A Growing Market

Sales of Organic Fresh Produce Increase By +8.2%

On 21st June, Soil Association Certification with Riverford'sĀ support, hosted its third annual Organic Produce networking forum for 40 representatives from the organic produce sector, from large packers to growers and retailers to wholesalers.

The event presented an opportunity to hear from experts sharing exclusive market, consumer and technical data - all speakers agreeing that the 12-month performance of organic fruit, veg and salad has been very positive at +8.2%, with fruit driving exceptional double digit growth during the period

Opportunities for innovation on organic convenience products, varietal development and the potential for emphasising Britishness were encouraged as ways of maintaining this growth.

The forum also considered the key Brexit impacts for the produce sector - cost and availability of labour, trade tariffs and the impact on organic regulations, agreeing that support and clarity is needed in all areas as talks proceed. NFU shared their work in this regard and Soil Association Certification gave an update on EU regulations.

The marketing of organic and a call for extending the key focus beyond the month of September was welcomed by attendees as well as new ways of merchandising organic options to bring clarity on shelf.

For any licensees who did not attend, but areĀ interested in the presentations from the day, please contact fcottle@soilassociation.org for more information.

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