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Soil Association Certification Comment on the Arla / ASA Ruling

Our Comment on the Arla / ASA Ruling

Following the recent ruling by the ASA on Arla food's marketing statement regarding organic farming and the land, we have released a statement to the press.  

The  local press ad for Arla organic farm milk seen on 30 November 2016 included text which stated “Good for the land” and smaller text underneath stating “helping support a more sustainable future.

Martin Sawyer, Chief Executive of Soil Association Certification, said: “While saying farming is 'good for the land’ is rather vague, organic farming does have clear benefits beyond other systems. Organic milk contains more beneficial nutrients, and comes from free range cows with the highest standards of animal welfare, on farms with on average 50% more farmland wildlife, that are fed with grass from fields that are not sprayed with pesticides or treated with manufactured fertiliser, and which help combat climate change by storing carbon in the soil.

“Soil Association Certification did not advise Arla directly on the wording in this case and as the ruling shows, it is really important to work with us and the ASA on all claims and statements. It is fantastic to see that organic is becoming the natural choice for British consumers, with one in four households purchasing organic milk. Consumers can be confident that this ruling does not undermine the benefits of organic milk, which is always free range, and offers clear environmental benefits and nutritional differences.”

We have worked with CAP Copy advice for a number of year's to ensure we have clear guidelines on what you can say when marketing organic. We have already undertaken a comprehensive review of the what you can say with the ASA and this will be published on 21st June.

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