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Greater consumer engagement with organic is key to supporting your business and growing the wider sector to deliver Organic for All.

Soil Association Certification are committed to regular PR activity championing organic, however, like many in the sector, we have limited resources to activate multimillion pound marketing campaigns.

That’s why the recent changes from UK Organic, formerly the Organic Trade Board, are so exciting for the sector, moving from a membership organisation, to a community interest company that represents the sector as a whole. This shift to become the dedicated marketing agency for the UK organic sector, includes ambitious plans to access funding mechanisms and secure wider investment.

Chair of UK Organic, Adrian Carne states: "Organic farming represents the gold standard for sustainable agriculture. It is the only certified agricultural system that offers quantifiable climate and biodiversity outcomes. It is legally binding and globally recognised. Inadequate funding and a fragmented landscape have meant however that the organic sector has not been able to capitalise on the key benefits of organic food in the shopper’s mind. While numerous sustainable farming initiatives are competing in a crowded space and risk confusing consumers further. The founding of UKO signifies this necessary change in mindset. With a clear vision, alternative funding, and inclusive approach, UKO is poised to lead the charge towards a sustainable and thriving organic industry.”

Dominic Robinson, CEO Of Soil Association Certification adds: “We are stronger when we act together as a sector, and encourage all our organic businesses to get involved, become a supporter and join the network of businesses coming together.”

It's now free to become a supporter, you can sign up on the UK Organic website. UK Organic have also supplied this invitation, if you would like to share with your networks.