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"Happy pigs make good bacon"

"Happy pigs make good bacon"

In a new short film, the famous chef visits Soil Association licencees Grierson Organic in Perth. He takes an in-depth look at how they raise their livestock and why he believes organic ingredients make such a difference in terms of welfare, care for the environment and taste.

Talking about meat in particular, Michel said: "In my view as a chef, there is a clear difference in taste between intensively reared and organic free range... Happy pigs make good bacon."

Watch the trailer below or take a look at the full film, for a sense of just how important organic is to him as a chef, and for an insight into the care Soil Association licencees put into their work.

And if you're a restauranteur or chef in Scotland with an interest in organic ingredients, do get in touch. We're launching a new award later this month for restaurants and eateries serving organic, so you can make sure your customers know just how much organic goodness is on your menu!