Universal Infant Free School Meals Continue

Infant Free School Meals Saved

The Queen’s Speech omitted to mention Universal Infant Free School Meals. This suggests that this policy – which the Conservatives pledged to axe in their manifesto – will be protected.

Joanna Lewis, Strategy & Policy Director of the Soil Association, said: “We’re delighted that the Conservative pledge to discontinue Universal Infant Free School Meals was not included in the Queen’s Speech. This was the least popular pledge in the Conservative manifesto, and parents, head teachers, and caterers have been vocal in expressing their disapproval. We need Universal Infant Free School Meals now more than ever. An investment in school meals is not only an investment in child health – essential when one in five children is obese by the time they finish primary school – it is an investment in educational attainment, a financially viable catering service, and a culture of healthy eating.

“The Government must now commit to a rigorous long-term evaluation of the health, educational, and social benefits resulting from the policy. It must ensure that schools and caterers are supported to deliver high quality, healthy and sustainable meals. All children deserve to be raised in an environment in which it is normal, easy and enjoyable to eat well - Universal Infant Free School Meals are an important step towards creating such an environment.”

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