Celebrate National Pizza Day with an Organic Slice!

Organic pizza is one of the easiest ways to try organic, whether you make it at home, buy ready-made or eat out. This National Pizza Day, choose an organic pizza and you can be sure it meets the highest standards, meaning it truly is food as it should be. 

Organic always means:

Fewer pesticides - No artificial colours & preservatives - Always free range - No routine use of antibiotics - No GM ingredients


Pizza Recipes

From scrumptious spelt bases to tasty organic toppings, have a "dough" at some of these delicious recipes

Build Your Own Organic Pizza

Find everything you need to build the perfect organic pizza with our pick-n-mix of organic pizza ingredients below

Tomato Base

Spread this Mr Organic tomato puree over your pizza base. It's made from juicy, sun-ripened Organic Italian tomatoes and tastes delicious. 

Pizza Base

Every pizza worth its dough kneads a great organic base - try something different with these organic, ancient grain flours from Doves Farm.

Pizza Base Mix

Speed things up with this gluten free, organic pizza base mix from Grass Roots Bakery. 

Classic Charcuterie

Streaky bacon toppings from Eversfield's Roam & Relish range. Produced from the finest outdoor bred and reared pigs, free to roam and forage organic pasture. 

Organic Served Here

Organic Served Here is a Soil Association award for food service outlets committed to sourcing and serving organic ingredients on their menus.

Organic Sourdough Pizza

The clever chaps at Radio Alice Pizzeria in London use ancient baking techniques to help make their pizzas crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. By blending organic, stoneground flour with a mother yeast sourdough, they’ve created a base that’s light and nutritious.


Organic Pizza + Beer?

The award-winning organic brewers at Stroud Brewery have teamed up with Velo Bakery to provide the perfect supplement to their organic beers at their taphouse.

Cross Lanes Organic

Cross Lanes Organic Farm are the first farm shop to achieve our Organic Served Here award at 5 stars. This means they are sourcing over 95% organic ingredients for their menu, that includes their wood-fired pizzas!


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