Organic September

Organic September is the UK's biggest campaign for organic - together, we can make a world of difference

What Is Organic September?

Organic September is a month-long campaign designed to encourage more people to try organic as a way to promote and educate people about organic food & farming practices.  

Following a year of unprecedented environmental protest and ground-breaking research, our 2019 campaign was the right moment to shout about the role organic farming has to play in the climate change debate

🌿 Benefiting nature

🐝 Wildlife

🌍 The planet

🌾 And building healthy soils.

Campaigning for more organic food and farming means that together, we can slow down climate change

How To Get involved

By transforming our relationship to food, we can build a food and farming system that works for everyone. 

📅 Run or attend an event in your local area

🍴 Cook with organic ingredients or grow your own

📧 Sign up to stay up to date with all things organic


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Take Action

We need to take action together to create a better food and farming system which produces healthy food and protects the planet.

Order an organic veg box, shop for organic in your local indie retailer and ask more questions about where your food has come from when you eat out. 

Shop Local

If you're looking for organic, indies are one of the best places to start, stocking many lesser known organic brands that aren't as easy to find in the supermarkets

Get An Organic Veg Box

From fruit and veg, to eggs, meat & herbs, hundreds of organic farmers offer box delivery schemes across the UK

Eat Out Sustainably

Find cafes and restaurants across the country that have committed to always having organic ingredients on the menu

Around 95 % of food production relies on soil

Bust Some Myths About Organic

Organic systems have huge potential when it comes to mitigating the worst impacts of climate change and halting biodiversity loss. Yet there are still so many misconceptions about what it really means.

Be Part Of The Organic Movement

Try organic, switch one item in your shop or grow some of your own. 

Join the movement working for access to more organic food for everyone.   


Grow Your Own

Growing your own food is about more than eating it, it is about passing on knowledge to future generations of gardeners and food lovers and learning more about where our food comes from. 

Get started growing your own with these delicious herbs that are easy to grow at home 

30 Ways To Join The Organic Movement

There’s never been a better time to join the organic movement.

In the midst of urgent calls for climate action worldwide, switching to an organic food system offers one key way we can begin to combat our climate emergency and biodiversity loss

Organic systems are at least 50 % better for pollinating insects

Organic On A Budget

In an ideal world, organic wouldn’t need to be more expensive, but a big part of the problem is that the true cost of our food isn’t always reflected in the price.

In the meantime here are a few ways you can start to choose organic on a budget that won’t cost the earth

Organic In The Supermarket

Organic food is available in 800 stores across the country and lots of supermarkets have their own organic ranges. Find out how to shop for organic in the supermarket

Organic Events

From chilli growing to flower arranging and fermenting, find an organic event happening near you

Learn More About Organic

Find out more about organic farming methods and how they offer the best, practical model for addressing environmentally friendly food production.

Organic Recipes

A collection of seasonal, organic recipes from some amazing chefs, brands and bloggers within the organic community 

What Do We Mean By 'Organic'?

Read more about what makes organic different and what some of the environmental and health benefits are here

Organic Living

Find out more about why organic is the sustainable solution, where to buy organic food and more about how to get a bit more organic in to your life

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