We must act now to banish toxic pesticides from our food

Pesticides have been proven to cause damage to wildlife and may also be harming our bodies.

Defra found that almost two thirds of the wholemeal bread they sampled contained the pesticide glyphosate – a “probable carcinogen”.

Agrochemical manufacturers claim pesticide use has halved in recent years, but the number of different toxic chemicals applied to common UK crops, like onions and potatoes, has greatly increased.

These huge increases mean our food is contaminated with a cocktail of pesticides. No one tests what effect this mix of different chemicals has on us – but more evidence of harm is emerging. Scientists increasingly believe many pesticides have no ‘safe’ low dose.  


Enough is enough and this needs to stop.

There have been some steps forward such as Government support for a ban on the bee-harming chemical neonicotinoids. However, more must be done to stop pesticide producers quickly filling their place with equally damaging alternatives.  

What is needed is a system change to farming that does not rely on the use of pesticides, and works in harmony with nature – such as the organic system.


What Can We Do?

Farming policy will change when we leave the EU, presenting us with the first chance to change agricultural legislation in 70 years. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we must get it right.

At this crucial time, it is vital that we influence policymakers. We must pressure them to develop farming systems that work for both farmers and nature, producing healthier food for us to eat. Together, we will:

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