Saving the Earth starts from the ground up

95% of our food comes from the soil.

52% of the world's soil is degraded.

You can help save it today.

71 % of British butterflies are facing extinction right now. With your help we can reverse that
98 % the amount by which pesticide use could drop if all UK farming was organic. With your help we can reach a pesticide-free future
52 % of the world's soils is degraded. With your help we can make our soils healthy again

10% of greenhouse gas emissions come from farming

If we're truly going to tackle climate change, we need to help farmers reduce this figure.

We can encourage farmers to farm organically, dramatically cutting the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. We can plant more trees on farms to help capture carbon. And we can inspire people to consume less - but better quality - meat and dairy. 

64 different pesticide residues have been found on apples...

...and 23 on strawberries. Two of the nation's favourites!

But every day, organic farmers prove that the routine use of pesticides is unnecessary. With your help we can create a future free from pesticides, so we can all snack safely on our favourite fruit and veg.

35 bee species face extinction

Pesticides are having a devastating impact on our beloved pollinators. 

Organic farms, which use no herbicides or synthetic pesticides, support up to 50% more wildlife than non-organic farms. We're making sure wildlife thrives by helping farmers find innovative ways to grow crops without pesticides. 

All farm animals should be free to forage and roam

We're transforming lives for UK farm animals, by promoting the highest welfare standards.

We're also campaigning for an end to routine antibiotic use on farms - because it's sending us down a dangerous path to antibiotic resistance. And the stronger the resistance becomes, the greater the threat to human health.

Our most precious resource is right beneath our feet

A mighty 95% of our food comes from the soil. 

Soil feeds us, our animals and our wildlife - put simply, we cannot live without it.

What's more, soil is a huge carbon store. UK soils hold an estimated 9.8 billion tonnes of carbon: equivalent to the global carbon emissions made by humans in one year! 

But we've been taking our soils for granted. Today, more than half of the world's soil is degraded and every minute we lose the equivalent of another 30 football pitches. 

This is a crisis.

Tomorrow is too late. We need your help today

By donating £5 a month you will help us:

- Reduce the impact of food and farming on our climate
- Build a future free from pesticides
- Help our wildlife thrive
- Improve farm animal welfare
- Save vital antibiotics
- Make good food the easy choice for more people

We have much to do. And no time to lose. Let's save our earth together - from the ground up.