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Max La Manna’s Zero-Waste Oat Milk and Pancakes

Max La Manna’s Zero-Waste Oat Milk and Pancakes

Using your oat milk leftovers to make pancakes is a simple and delicious way to reduce your food waste.

Try Max La Manna’s tasty vegan breakfast. 

The Soil Association and Pukka Herbs have teamed up to help you make small, positive changes for the planet. Food waste is a big contributor to climate change, so using up your leftovers is an easy way you can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Get to the recipe:

We caught up with zero-waste chef and author, Max La Manna on how to make oat milk, and have no wastage – by turning the strained oats into pulp pancakes!


For the oat milk:

    • 250g Organic oats
    • Organic maple syrup
    • 1L Water

For the pancakes:

  • Strained oat pulp from oat milk
  • 260g Organic self-raising wholemeal flour
  • 310ml Organic oat milk
  • A sprinkling of Pukka Herbs organic latte matcha chai powder
  • Optional – organic coconut yoghurt
  • Optional - organic blueberries
  • Optional – organic maple syrup

Use organic where you can. Organic is leading the way on sustainability – it's designed to respect nature and to enhance the health of soils, water and air, plants and animals. 


  1. Add your oat milk ingredients to a blender and blend it for 15 seconds
  2. Place a cheese cloth, nut bag or old t-shirt over a large mixing bowl
  3. In batches, strain the oat milk through your cloth into the bowl
  4. Once your milk is strained, it’s ready to drink! Use what you’d like now or store in the fridge for later.
  5. Add the leftover oat pulp, flour, some oat milk and matcha chai powder to a mixing bowl and mix together to make a batter
  6. In small batches, add the batter to a frying pan over a medium-high heat
  7. Cook the pancakes to your liking and serve with your preferred toppings. Max recommends coconut yoghurt, blueberries and maple syrup

We hope this zero-waste recipe helps you make small, positive changes – that protect our planet, while you enjoy fantastic food.

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Making a #SmallPositiveChange Together

Pukka Herbs and the Soil Association Charity are campaigning together to inspire more of us to take small positive steps to support nature every day. We share a common belief that human health and wellbeing is dependent on the health of our soil and planet, and both want a world where our food, farming and land use restores nature, promotes health and creates a safe climate.

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