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  • Ultra-Processed Food

    We want to see a reduction in ultra-processed foods which have a significant impact on our health, on the climate and nature.

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    Shift to agroecological food production

    We want the Government to commit to a ten-year transition to agroecology and sustainable diets.

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    Better food for all

    Do you think good food for all, produced with care for the natural world, should be available to everyone? So do we.

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    Genetic modification and gene editing

    We want the Government to choose more economically and environmentally viable solutions, instead of GM's false promises and industry interests.

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    Regenerative Forestry

    The future of forestry is one that delivers for climate, nature and people. Regenerative Forestry means growing and changing the way our forests are managed to make them fit for the future.

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    Reducing pesticides

    The way we farm is damaging our climate, our wildlife, our soils and our health. We want the Government to support UK farmers to transition to whole farm agroecological systems.

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    Fixing nitrogen

    Nitrogen is an element essential for all life on earth and vital in food and farming. But, when used in excess, nitrogen becomes a dangerous pollutant.

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    Government priorities

    We're calling for our government to join the dots between the interconnected climate crisis, the nature crisis and the dietary health crisis.

    Our asks for the Government

    Reversing climate change

    Ignoring the contribution farming makes to greenhouse gas emissions is no longer an option, we need Government to step up and put climate change at the heart of policy.

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    Risks from a UK-US trade deal

    The preliminary steps towards a UK/US trade deal post-Brexit have already been taken. Find out what is at risk.

    Learn the risks of a UK-US trade deal

    Championing agroforestry

    Agroforestry helps tackle climate change and creates homes for wildlife. Find out how we’re working with farmers to achieve our goal of over half of UK farms having agroforestry systems in place by 2030.

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    Creating food security

    We want the Government to invest in a more resilient food system, making healthy and sustainable diets the norm in schools, hospitals and other public settings.

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    Reducing antibiotics in farming

    Antibiotics are becoming less and less effective; and intensive farming is driving the problem. In response, we’re calling on the Government to ban routine use of antibiotics in healthy farm animals.

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    Protecting and celebrating trees

    Our trees provide so much to us, yet we can do so much more for them. Trees and forests are at the heart of our work at the Soil Association.

    Discover how we protect forests

    Supporting Agritech

    We celebrate and support technological advances in agriculture which can support a transition to agroecology in the UK for climate, nature and health.

    Learn about how we support agritech

    Better rivers

    How can we reduce pollution in our local rivers and waterways?

    How can we reduce river pollution?
  • Plant and Share Month

    Get growing this spring and share the experience with your local community, family and friends.

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    Taking the Biscuit

    The UK Government are taking the biscuit with inaction on tackling ultra-processed food and its impacts on climate, nature and health.

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    Stop Poison Poultry

    Remove wildlife killing pesticides from UK supermarket soya supply chains

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    Out to Lunch

    With the help of an army of 'secret diner' parents, we surveyed some of the UK's biggest and most popular visitor attractions on the food and service they are offering our children. This is what we found.

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    Save Our Soil

    Healthy soils produce better food, support the environment, and can even help reduce climate change. We want the Government to commit to saving our soils.

    Discover why our soil needs saving

    Time for Peak Poultry

    We are calling for UK consumption of poultry to 'peak' within 12 months, & decline thereafter, if we are to deliver our climate & nature commitments.

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    The global United Nations climate change conference known as COP26 took place in November 2021. What happened and where do we go from here?

    Read about what happened at COP26

    Organic September

    This year has brought more changes to our world than anyone could have foreseen. With more of us seeking solutions to help restore nature, health and a safe climate, becoming part of the organic movement this year can help make a world of difference.

    Learn about Organic September

    A 'Green Brexit' for food and farming

    What is a 'Green Brexit' and why is it important?

    Read our Green Brexit Report
  • Telling the UK Government that intensive pesticide use is not ok!

    The UK Government launched a public consultation into their forthcoming National Action Plan on Sustainable Pesticide Use. And we had our say.

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    Telling the UK Government that deregulating gene editing is not OK!

    The Government plans to deregulate gene editing – we made moves to stop them in their tracks.

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    Ban Neonics

    Neonicotinoid pesticides are contaminating our countryside and poisoning our wildlife. The Government's partial ban isn't enough.

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    Come Clean about Beauty

    You are at risk of being misled.

    Here's Why

    Not in my Banger

    US-style 'megafarms' are no way to rear animals in the UK.

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