COP26: Glasgow, 31 October – 12 November

This November, the global United Nations climate change conference known as COP26 will take place in Glasgow. With the UK hosting the conference, we need the Government to take the lead through bold climate action.

The Paris Agreement

At the 2015 COP summit in Paris, countries agreed to limit global warming to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to aim for 1.5°C. Each country committed to national plans setting out how they would reduce their emissions, known as Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Why is COP26 so crucial?

Each country will bring their updated plans (NDCs) for reducing emissions and combatting climate change to COP26. But so far, the NDCs have fallen far short of the mark in reaching the 1.5°C target. COP26 needs to be the moment that governments commit to going further to secure a safer future for the planet and for us all.

Show your support with our free climate action pack

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The solution to climate change is under our feet

Soils store more carbon than the atmosphere and all of the world’s plants and forests combined, with nearly 10 billion tonnes of carbon stored in UK soils alone!

Our food and farming system can help resolve the climate, nature, and health crises, but only if we work with nature, not against it.

Nature-friendly ways of farming, like organic:

• Help mitigate climate change - healthy soils store more carbon and help prevent flooding and droughts
• Work in balance with nature and wildlife - helping to build a resilient food system
• Put communities and farmers in the driving seat - farming is adapted to suit the local area, helping it thrive

What is the Soil Association doing to make a difference?

We’re putting farmers in the driving seat through our Innovative Farmers programme. We work with farmers on the ground to develop lasting solutions for a more resilient farming future.

We’re showing what’s possible with our Food for Life programme. We work with schools, hospitals, universities and caterers to serve over 2 million healthy, nutritious meals a day, reconnecting people with where their food comes from.

We’ve helped develop the National Food Strategy, which supports nature-friendly farming as well as a drive towards healthier more sustainable food in schools and hospitals.

We’re part of The Climate Coalition and support The Time Is Now declaration calling for nature-based solutions to help combat climate change.

We’re campaigning for an end to deforestation in UK supply chains. We need to move from industrial farming that feeds animals imported soya crops, to a nature-friendly farming future.

We’re a partner of the Glasgow Food and Climate declaration. The declaration will be presented at COP26 and places sustainable, local food systems at the heart of the response to the climate crisis.

Make a Pledge for our Planet

The movement towards a world with good health, in balance with nature and a safe climate is growing and you can be a part of it. Whether you’re already doing some great things, or aren’t sure where to start, visit our hub to make your pledge for a better future today.



Look out for us if you’re in Glasgow during COP26 and come and say hello!

We’ll be taking to the streets on 6th November alongside thousands of others to demand climate justice for all. We’re also involved in many talks and events throughout the fortnight.

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