Our climate is in crisis...

...and the way we farm is a big part of the problem. Globally, the food and farming system is responsible for as much as one third of all greenhouse gas emissions. But so far, little has been done to tackle this: in fact, emissions haven’t dropped in six years.

We must take action, now.

We work with people at all stages of the food chain – from farmers and retailers to government – to make climate-friendly farming the norm.

But to carry out this vital work, we need your support. Read on to see how we’re taking action on climate change, and how you can be part of the solution.

Our vision

Ignoring the contribution farming makes to greenhouse gas emissions is no longer an option, we need Government to step up and put climate change at the heart of farming policy. The good news is, we already know many of the solutions: healthier soils and more trees for capturing carbon; less nitrogen fertiliser and more organic farming that uses no synthetic fertilisers; and adopting a diet with less, but better quality, meat – these are some of the vital steps we want to see prioritised.

Do you share our vision?

You can add your voice to the call for more climate-friendly farming.

Our impact

Climate change is at the heart of our response to the Government’s recent consultation on future farming policy, and our CEO Helen Browning made the case for climate-friendly farming directly to Parliament Select Committees. We’re getting our voice heard and making strategic recommendations for the transformation of our farming system.

In the meantime we’re making huge steps forward in vital areas, planting thousands of trees on farms and working with innovative farmers to find more climate-sensitive ways of farming.

But the uphill battle to reverse our climate crisis has only just begun.

Meeting critical targets will require a united effort from farmers and Government to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of farming.

Your support makes this possible

Our work relies on the passion and support of people like you. By donating, you will be taking action against climate change.

Together we can combat our climate crisis.

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