Payment Windows For Organic Farmers Opening Across The UK

Now Is A Great Time To Go Organic

Now is a great time for organic farmers and those looking to convert across the UK.

Landowners in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland will be offered payments this year to either convert or manage their land organically. This is welcome news as the organic market is growing,  +7.1% in the last year- and demand is outstripping supply. Schemes are for five years, with higher payments to support farmers through conversion along with management payments for the subsequent years.

The Scottish window is now open until the end of March as part of the Agri-Environment Climate Scheme. The Scottish market is steadily growing with around £53m spent last year. Our staff in the Edinburgh based office are able to help with AECS applications and Viability Proposals.

In England, George Eustice has confirmed that application windows will be available this year and next. The window is expected to be open later this year and will provide some stability for organic farmers through the Brexit period.

The application window for Northern Ireland is also expected to open through March, and farmers have been urged to attend training events this month. This news has been eagerly awaited as it is the first application window in the new RDPE to be open in NI. The new Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) is aiming to achieve 700ha of land into organic conversion by 2020, and with financial support this is a great time for farmers to apply.

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