Certified Inputs

Fine-tuning your system so that your soils are perfectly balanced, drained, productive and fed is no easy feat. We know some farmers who’ve made it their life’s work and after decades of time and investment, they still feel like there’s something more they could do to improve their soils. The fact is that getting it right takes time, and you’ve got a business to run. Getting your system, your rotation and your cultivation right will help, but you might still need to give your soil a helping hand.

At the Soil Association, we run a scheme to certify and approve inputs which are suitable for use in an organic system. Some can only be used organically in certain situations, and may require sign-off from your certifier.


Case Study: Pete Dollimore


Author: Tom Hartley

Senior Certification Officer

Tom studied Horticulture with global plant use at Duchy College, Cornwall before gaining extensive practical experience at Farrington’s Farm Shop. He has been a Certification Officer since 2010 and looks after many of our horticultural licensees, as well as a number of seed mills and our certified inputs scheme. Outside of work Tom can often be found on his allotment experimenting with unusual vegetable varieties.