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  • Government Priorities

    We're calling for our government to join the dots between the interconnected climate crisis, the nature crisis and the dietary health crisis.

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    Save Our Soils

    Healthy soils produce better food, support the environment, and can even help reduce climate change. We want the Government to commit to saving our soils.

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    We need more trees on farms. Agroforestry tackles climate change, creates homes for wildlife and helps farmers to be more productive. Here's what we're asking from government.

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    Out To Lunch

    With the help of an army of 'secret diner' parents, we surveyed some of the UK's biggest and most popular chains on the food and service they are offering our children. This is what we found.

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  • Ban Neonics

    Neonicotinoid pesticides are contaminating our countryside and poisoning our wildlife. The Government's partial ban isn't enough.

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    Not In Our Bread

    The pesticide and probable carcinogen glyphosate is turning up in our bread. We want to put an end to the dangerous and unnecessary farming practices causing it.

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    Stop Genetic Modification

    Genetically modified foods have failed to deliver on their promises of greater yields, better nutrition, and reduced pesticide use. We need to look to other solutions.

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