Six Easy Ways To Re-use Your Christmas Tree

Six Ways To Re-use Your Christmas Tree

Every year in the UK a whopping 250 tonnes of Christmas trees are thrown away, the equivalent of 250 London Buses! We’ve come up with six easy ways you can re-use your Christmas tree and reduce the amount of waste produced this Christmas. Happy re-using!

1. Recycle Your Tree 

Check with your local council to see if there is an allocated collection day just for your Christmas tree. You won’t need to even leave the house for this one and your tree will be shredded and used as compost or chippings for local parks or woodland areas.

2. Adopt A Living Christmas Tree 

You can now buy a living, potted Christmas tree which is grown on the same British farms as cut trees, but are potted instead to be kept alive and growing year on year. You still get that lovely fresh pine fragrance but without the fuss of needles dropping off because the tree is still alive! When Christmas is over, simply take off your decorations and move the pot outside to grow slowly with little maintenance over the year and bring inside again when next Christmas comes around.

3. Start A New Compost Pile 

Did you know that a layer of thin evergreen branches makes the perfect base for a new compost pile? Simply trim and stack your Christmas tree branches four to six inches high and start adding your kitchen scraps as normal.

4. Make Your Own Firewood 

Feel like a real lumberjack and chop up your tree to use as fuel for your fireplace. Dried pine needles make for great kindling too so you can re-use every bit of your Christmas tree!

5. Enrich Your Soils With Pine Needles 

Pine needles don’t collect mold and decompose slowly making them a fantastic resource to use in your garden. Pine needle mulch allows your soil to breathe and keeps it from becoming dense and compacted as well as infusing your soil with valuable nutrients. Simply remove your branches from the tree and shake off any dead needles.

6. Create A Shelter For Bugs And Birds 

Why not try keeping your tree in its stand in your garden after Christmas to provide a safe place for birds to nest throughout the rest of the winter? Alternatively, you could lay it down on its side to create the perfect haven for bugs and mammals like rabbits and hedgehogs! 

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