Organic Christmas

Together, we can make a world of difference at Christmas time

What does it mean to choose organic at Christmas?

What we put on our plates at Christmas time is a very simple way to cast a vote for a more sustainable food system. Organic farms:

🌿 Benefit nature

🐝 Encourage more wildlife

🌍 Have a lower impact on the planet

🌾 And build healthy, fertile soils.

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Find organic food on the shelves

Find an Organic Box Scheme

Signing up to a box scheme of fresh organic fruit, veg & other foods is one of the easiest ways to choose organic this Christmas

Find an Independent Retailer

Indies are a great place to find local organic food & specialty items in your neighbourhood - visit your closest over Christmas and help support your local economy

Get inspired with these winter recipes

Riverford's Brussels Sprout Gratin

There's more to sprouts than boiled & buttered. This recipe from Riverford roasts the sprouts in a delicious mix of red onions, blue cheese, breadcrumbs & thyme.

Anna Jones' Goodwill Pie

Packed with seasonal organic veggies, this delicious rainbow pie from Anna Jones makes a perfect Christmas centrepiece

Yeo Valley's Turkey Chowder

Christmas leftovers doesn't have to mean days' worth of turkey sandwiches! Try this creamy turkey & sweetcorn chowder from Yeo Valley.

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