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10 ways to have a more sustainable Christmas

Make Christmas Matter

Christmas can feel like a moral dilemma - while many of us try to make ethical choices the rest of the year, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to Christmas.  To help subdue your internal conflict, our 10 steps make it easier to plan festivities and celebrate an ethical, environmentally-friendly Christmas that doesn’t cost the earth.

Our online Organic Christmas Market is the UK’s only dedicated one stop shop to find everything you need for an organic Christmas. Whether it’s your Christmas dinner, your favourite tipple or gift ideas for the whole family, we’ve got it covered – just in time for your Christmas shopping! 

  1. Choose organic veg

Recently published government data shows that almost 80% of non-organic carrot samples contained pesticides. If we all chose organic carrots  this Christmas there would be 50% more wildlife on the farms used to produce the carrots - that's more birds, bees, butterflies, beetles, bats and wildflowers. Find your local organic farmer here. 

  1. Wine & dine in style

Opt for organic wine this Christmas and not only will you be supporting a more sustainable system of farming, you’ll also be consuming less sulphur - which is rumored to lessen the chances of a hangover! Find the best deals here at the Christmas Collective!

  1. FSC your tree

Source your tree from a small-scale organic sustainable grower, or make sure your Christmas tree has Forest Steward Council ® (FSC®) certification. 

  1. Opt for high welfare, organic meat

If you want to be sure your turkey is naturally free range, choose organic: no system of farming has higher animal welfare standards. Sign up for a box scheme or find organic meat here on the Christmas Collective. 

  1. Warm up in organic cotton

The non-organic cotton industry is a huge source of global environmental pollution, using almost 16% of all insecticides produced globally. This has led to the fashion industry becoming one of the most polluting industries on the planet, second only to oil. Organic textiles are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or GMOs; promoting a healthier farm and environment. Find organic gift ideas and amazing organic cotton products here. 

  1. Be an organic beauty

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and what you put on it can be absorbed in tiny amounts. This Christmas look naturally beautiful and choose organic beauty products. Find the best organic healthy and beauty here. 

  1. Shop local – visit your local farm shop

The Soil Association has an extensive network of more than 150 farms across the UK. Find out where your nearest farm is and stock up on your Christmas supplies from your local farmer.

  1. Wrap your gifts in planet-friendly wrapping paper

Every year we use millions of sheets of wrapping paper – make sure yours is responsibly sourced by looking for the FSC label.

  1. Caerphilly does it with your Christmas cheese!

When it comes to the all-important Christmas cheese, choose organic and put animal welfare first. No dairy cows enjoy higher welfare standards than organic cows.

  1. Join the Soil Association

Become a member of the Soil Association today to support our campaigns for better food and farming, to stop wildlife-damaging pesticides for good and to give our children a healthy eating education. Become a member today and #ChangeTheWorld.

 Share your own tips for a more ethical Christmas! 

If you've got your own tips or tricks for making the festive season more sustainable - we want to hear about it! Share your tips on social media using #OrganicChristmas and you could win some amazing organic prizes.