30 Ways to Organic Your September

30 Ways to Organic Your September

This month, we're celebrating Organic September! Organic is food as it should be, it's fully traceable and available nationwide. As the timeless rhyme reminds us, thirty days hath September, so here we are with 30 easy switches you can make this month to help organic your September.

  1. Kick off Organic September with an end-of-summer organic barbecue!

  2. Scan your cupboards for the organic symbol. Brands you buy might already be organic!

  3. Back to school? Look out for offers on lunchbox-friendly favourites like Pip Organic & Organix.

  4. During Zero Waste Week, treat yourself to an organic coffee, but don't forget your reusable cup. 

  5. Try some organic natural yogurt with your granola today - check out our exclusive organic offers for discounts on Yeo Valley! 

  6. Get a 'pizza' the action by swapping some of your favourite ingredients with organic with herbs shot from above

  7. It's Friday! Relax with a glass of organic wine. Less sulphur dioxide means less of a hangover!

  8. Join us at the first ever Go! Organic festival on 8th-9th September, in London's Battersea Park.

  9. Heading out for a roast today? Ask your local haunt if the meat they serve is organic, or find an organic restaurant or cafe near you.

  10. Spread the love with organic butter on your toast. It's no more costly than your favourite brand! 

  11. Organic food can be found in over 8,000 places nationwide. Next time you shop, why not make a swap?

  12. The beauty industry is unregulated, so look for the logo when shopping for organic beauty products.

  13. Going out tonight? Ask your local restaurant if they're taking part in the Organic September Menu Challenge...

  14. Indulge yourself this Friday with some organic treats - check out some of our exclusive organic offers...

  15. Saturday 15th is Organic September Saturday! Pop in to your local indie shop to see what's on offer or find an event near you.

  16. Sunday dessert isn't complete without lashings of cream. This Sunday make yours organic. 

  17. Organic dairy is nutritionally different - check out some of our great dairy offers.

  18. Get the kids involved! Make an easy organic recipe together, like these savoury breakfast scones.

  19. It can be tricky to find the time to shop organic. Sign up for a box scheme and get it delivered to your holding full veg box

  20. You can find up to 50% more wildlife on organic farms. Support the birds & bees this Organic September.

  21. You'll find organic milk in all supermarkets...get a FREE bottle when you access our exclusive organic offers!

  22. Organic blackberries are in peak season - check out Anna Jones' delicious tart recipe here.

  23. It's British Food Fortnight! Support your local organic farms, farm shops or farmers' markets here.

  24. Make Mondays less 'meh' - check out our Competitions & Giveaways and you could win a year's supply of Cafe Direct organic coffee...

  25. Time for a fashion overhaul? Lots of high street retailers are switching to organic cotton - find out why it's important.

  26. Do you know the difference between organic and free range eggs? Find out here.

  27. Enjoy an organic 'G' with your 'T' - try out some great organic gins, such as Juniper, Dà Mhìle & Fatty's...

  28. It's FSC Friday! Look out for the FSC logo on everything from gift wrap to furniture and support sustainable forests.

  29. Whip up some organic pancakes - organic eggs, milk and flour are available in your local supermarket and here are some great pancake recipes!Rolled pancakes with lemon and sugar

  30. Enjoyed taking part in Organic September? Join us as a member and help campaign for change in our food system.