Products from Ukraine

Products from Ukraine

We have received an alert regarding organic products from Ukraine. A case is currently being investigated into sunflower cake/expeller (animal feed) from Ukraine with residue findings including high levels of tiamethoxem (insecticide) and metalaxyl (fungicide). In addition to this the EU have requested certification bodies to examine any products from Ukraine, not only sunflower products.

Our inspectors have been made aware of this. If they identify product from Ukraine at inspection they may either take copies of certificates and delivery documents, so we can make cross-checks with the control body of the supplier, or take samples of the product for analysis.

If you are purchasing product from the Ukraine you may wish to take additional measures, such as your own sampling. If you have suspicion about a product or suppliers we are also able to ask your suppliers certifier to verify documentation.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact your certification officer.