New Implementing Regulation on Import

New Implementing Regulation on Import

The European Commission have updated the lists of equivalent third countries and equivalent certification bodies. We have provided a summary of changes below. Please view the attached links for full details, (changes highlighted in red). If any of your suppliers are affected by these changes they may need to find an alternative certification body, we suggest you contact them to discuss the implications to ensure supplies are not disrupted.

The following certification bodies have had unprocessed crops removed from their scope (Category A):


CCOF Certification Services; International Certification Services, Inc; Quality Assurance International; IMOswiss AG; Organic Crop Improvement Association.


Istituto Certificazione Etica e Ambientale; Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association; Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH; IMOswiss AG; Organic Crop Improvement Association

The following certifiers have been removed from the lists:

  • Afrisco Certified Organic, CC
  • Doalnara Certified Organic Korea, LLC
  • Canada -  Organic Crop Improvement Association (CA -ORG-020)
  • Australia  - Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AU-BIO-002)
  • Korea - Doalnara Organic Certificated Korea (KR-ORG-002)
  • United States -  Organic National & International Certifiers (US-ORG-045)
  • India - TUV India Pvt. Ltd (IN-ORG-019); Biocert India Pvt. Ltd, Indore (IN-ORG-022)

Please contact your Certification Officer if you have any questions.