30 Ways to Choose Organic

30 Ways to Choose Organic

Choosing organic doesn't have to mean huge changes. Switching to just one organic item can really help contribute to changing our food system for the better. 

To help you try organic food, drink and beauty products this month, we've put together 30 small changes you can make each day.

  1. Scan your cupboards for the organic symbol. Brands you buy might already be organic!

  2. Keep those those school lunches fresh! Look out for offers on lunchbox-friendly favourites like Pip Organic & Organix.

  3. Treat yourself to an organic coffee, available in many high street coffee shops. Don't forget your reusable cup - many coffee shops now offer discounts! 

  4. Get a firm grasp on organic! Check out our Organic Mythbusters article, where we de-bunk five common misunderstandings about organic food and farming.

  5. Try some organic natural yogurt with your granola this morning - Yeo Valley make organic yoghurts with flavours to suit everyone, including Lemon Curd, Peach & Apricot and a limited edition Greengage & Ginger! 

  6. Get a 'pizza' the action by swapping some of your favourite ingredients with organic, seasonal alternatives - try this pumpkin-topped autumnal special from Radio Alice founder with herbs shot from above

  7. Celebrate Fridays by relaxing with a glass of organic wine. Less sulphur dioxide means less of a hangover!

  8. If you're on a plant-based diet or cutting back on meat and dairy products, check out our vegan recipe selection. Many of our licensees are also vegan - Tideford and Rebel Kitchen to name just two!

  9. Heading out for a chilly Sunday walk and pub roast? Ask your local haunt if the meat they serve is organic, or find an organic restaurant or cafe near you.

  10. Spread the love with organic butter on your toast. It's no more costly than your favourite brand! 

  11. Organic food can be found in over 8,000 places nationwide. Next time you shop, why not make a swap?

  12. The beauty industry is unregulated, so look for the logo when shopping for organic beauty products.

  13. Going out tonight? Why not book a table with some award holders from our Organic Served Here scheme? It's the UK's only quality award for organic restaurants and cafes.

  14. From Prosecco and premium beers to rich, award-winning truffles, indulge yourself this Friday with some organic treats.

  15. Did you know one in every seven pounds spent on organic is spent in an independent store? Pop in to your nearest indie and support your local economy!

  16. Sunday dessert isn't complete without lashings of cream. This Sunday make yours organic. 

  17. British apples are ripening on the trees! Make use of the crop with some warming recipes this autumn, including Lilo Ask-Henriksen's Apple Cake, and these Miso Baked Apples from Tideford.

  18. Organic dairy is nutritionally different - find out more about how the way we farm affects our food.

  19. Get the kids involved! Make an easy organic recipe together, like these savoury breakfast scones.

  20. It can be tricky to find the time to shop organic. Sign up for a box scheme and get it delivered to your holding full veg box

  21. You can find up to 50% more wildlife on organic farms. Support the birds & bees by choosing organic.

  22. It's squash season! Try out Riverford's Squash and Black Bean Chilli, or order one of their special squash & pumpkin boxes in time for Halloween!

  23. Make Mondays less 'meh' - check out our Competitions & Giveaways and you could win a year's supply of Cafe Direct organic coffee...

  24. Time for a fashion overhaul? Lots of high street retailers are switching to organic cotton - find out why it's important.

  25. Do you know the difference between organic and free range eggs? Find out here.

  26. Enjoy an organic 'G' with your 'T' - try out some great organic gins, such as Juniper, Dà Mhìle & Fatty's...

  27. It's getting colder! Take care of your skin sustainably with these five simple beauty swaps from Optiat.

  28. Waiting for that paycheck? Organic doesn't have to cost the earth - check out our guide to organic on a budget

  29. Whip up some organic pancakes - organic eggs, milk and flour are available in your local supermarket and here are some great pancake recipes!Rolled pancakes with lemon and sugar

  30. Feeling invigorated after a month of organic? Join us as a member and help campaign for change in our food system.