Changes to EU regulations that will affect inspections

Changes to EU regulations

Back in 2013 we told you about the changes to the EU regulation that changed the number of additional inspections we needed to do and also increased the number of inspections that needed to be unannounced. We know that both additional and unannounced inspections can be an additional burden on you when you are busy so we wanted to remind you of how they are selected and numbers that will be done.

Additional Inspections

• We will have to carry out additional inspections/visits of 10% of operators
• Some of the visits may be very detailed, others may only focus on checking that non-compliances raised at the previous inspection have been actioned.
• They will be selected on a risk basis. For example, those with a high number of non-compliances or non-compliances that affect organic integrity; non-dedicated production; complex non dedicated production/equipment; parallel production on farm; new enterprises that present a greater risk.
• More applicants will receive an additional visit in their first year.

Unannounced inspections

• At least 10% of all inspections must be unannounced; this means that some annual inspections as well as some additional visits will be unannounced.
• For unannounced inspections the operator will have less than 24 hours’ notice.
• An unannounced annual inspection will be selected at random.