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Use of pest control products in horticulture

Pest control products in horticulture

This is a reminder that it is the legal responsibility of the person selling or using a pest control product to ensure that it can be legally used in your country for your intended use.

All products registered for use as a plant protection product in the UK are listed in the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) register and can be found here - https://secure.pesticides.gov.uk/pestreg/. You can easily search for products using either the active ingredient or product name. It is important to check which crops the product is authorised for as well as whether it is registered or not. There is also a database of any off label approvals which can be found here - https://secure.pesticides.gov.uk/offlabels/.

When your Certification Officer approves a request it will be assessed against the organic EU regulation and Soil Association standards, but it is your responsibility to use this product according to statutory requirements. Our standards might include lists of products not licensed in the UK as our standards are applied internationally. Also, some products might be legally available in the UK for non-pesticide use, for example from health shops, but not licensed for your intended use.

Farms should also be aware of the Code of Practice for Using Plant Protection Products – which also applies to organically acceptable substances.

Please assume that if a product is not listed in our standards, you must not use it.

Pest control products can be approved by your Certification Officer.