Support for certification clients during coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 continues to challenge our economy, infrastructure, routines, and our health and financial security. The crisis has caused significant disruption and we're working to support organic businesses and producers, and working with Government to tackle the various challenges.


To help our certification clients, we've pulled together updates regarding certification, market insight and links to useful resources from Government and other organisations.


How COVID-19 is transforming retail and what this means for organic

Trade consultant, Finn Cottle takes a look at the opportunities for organic within a changing retail sector.

Fee freeze - no annual fee increase until April 2021

We've extended our fee freeze to April 2021, to support new and existing licensees through the challenges posed by Covid-19.

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Organic Webinars

Join one of our upcoming webinars. We're running everything from Organic Learning sessions (to replace our popular Organic Learning Days) to Q&As with experts and organic brands and ways to get involved with Organic September.

List Your Organic Home Delivery

If you certify your organic business with us, and you're offering  home delivery of your products, get in touch to be featured on our online listings.

Remote inspection: documents & guidance

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, some inspections are taking place remotely, while we implement a safe approach to the delivery of physical inspections in line with Government and HSE guidance. 

What to expect from a remote inspection

With remote inspections now taking place, we caught up with one of our clients, Emmett UK, to hear why a remote inspection has been critical for the smooth running of their business, and how the experience was for them.

Social media - our tips for maximising impact in the ‘new normal’

Six social media tips we’ve learned from pivoting our communication strategy in a matter of weeks, since the onset of Coronavirus.

Supply chains and routes to market

COVID-19 has resulted in disruptions and changes to supply chains. Whilst food service markets have paused, home delivery markets have seen a surge in demand with more people shopping online.

Support for selling direct or through new routes to market

🥕 List your box scheme: Are you one of our farmers & growers licensed to operate an organic box scheme? Complete our online form to be featured on our listings. There has been a 1,400% increase in visits to the box scheme pages since the crisis began, so make sure your products are getting a share of this attention

📦 List your organic home delivery: Reach new customers and tell them about your organic home delivery service. Complete the form below to submit your home delivery service to be listed on our website.  

🛒 List your independent shop: If you sell organic products through independent retail or a farm shop, be sure to list it for free on our indie retail finder

🔍 Search for organic box scheme or indie retailer in your area if you have any surplus products and are looking for businesses to collaborate with

Support for farmers and growers

Resources to support farmers and growers

Visit our COVID-19 hub for farmers and growers 

Post jobs and other ads on our organic marketplace


Labour issues

Farming bodies have launched a #FeedTheNation campaign calling for a modern day land army to connect farmers with people willing to work on the land.


COVID-19 impact survey

As an organic certification body, we're keen to get your feedback to form a status update on the impact of COVID-19 for organic businesses. This will help us tailor and adapt our ongoing support during this challenging time.

⌛ The survey should take less than five minutes to complete.

Guidance for forestry clients

The global COVID-19 pandemic has already affected the lives of everyone, in some way, and its impact will continue for some time.  Soil Association Certification is working with FSC® and PEFC to implement measures to help our certificate holders maintain their certification in these extraordinary times.

Certification news

We‘ll continue to update our certification news pages with any new information or guidance as it becomes available.


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